Vines and Olives

The heart of our family’s activities


The production of wine and oil has always been at the heart of our family’s activities and continues to be to this day. Indeed, the winery and oil mill are both right next to the tower built in 1370 AD by our Venerosi Pesciolini ancestors.

Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini, the second of three daughters, started to work in the winery in 1995, continuing the work that her father, the Count Pierfrancesco Venerosi Pesciolini had begun a few years earlier. She currently manages the business and agricultural parts of Tenuta di Ghizzano. Ginevra threw herself into the farm, and her enthusiasm gave birth to the current ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC estate, confirming the spirit of innovation that her family has shown for generations. She chose and trained her staff, many of whom have stayed with her since the beginning. Their dedication and long experience have helped transform the farm. In 1996 she created Nambrot which has become our most prestigious wine, named after a Venerosi Pesciolini ancestor who was one of Charlemagne’s knights.

We currently produce about 80,000 bottles a year, unique wines, which stand out in their category: Veneroso, Nambrot, Il Ghizzano Red and White, and the latest project, Mimesi with a pure vermentino and pure sangiovese. Then there is the icing on the cake, San Germano, an excellent sweet dessert wine (Passito) named after the patron saint of Ghizzano, and three varieties of top quality extra virgin olive oil.

In the 1970’s, the vineyards covered 12 hectares with just 2500 plants per hectare. Over the years, we have grown to 18 hectares, all of which have been replanted, with 5600 plants per hectare.