Our production philosophy

That's how our products blossom.


When the fruits of the earth come from a place “in harmony with nature”, “excellence” is already inside them. Respect for nature, the place that hosts us and the people who work and live here. That's how our products blossom.

Our aim is offer high quality products, which reflect the style, the elegance and rich fragrances of these rolling hills.

Our philosophy

This is the philosophy that expresses the core values that the Venerosi Pesciolini family has always held in the management of Tenuta di Ghizzano  and passed on from generation to generation since 1370.

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How we cultivate our vines

Our vines are partly spur cordon trained and partly guyot. Between the rows of vines we sow about 30 different types of cover crops which help bring nitrogen into the soil and allow it to breath.

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Our “Natural” Grape Harvest

At the beginning of September the magic of the grape harvest begins. We start with the merlot, then sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, leaving the petit verdot for last.

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Ageing in wood

We use 225 litre, 500 litre and 30 hectolitre oak barrels for aging for a period of time ranging from 16 to 18 months depending on the vintage.

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Research and Innovation

In 2017 Tenuta di Ghizzano embarked on another innovation. We started using an earthenware (‘Cocciopesto’) amphora for the maturation of a pure sangiovese wine, in order to not ‘pollute’ the complexity, elegance and freshness of this sangiovese of the Pisan hills.

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