The village of Ghizzano and Terre di Pisa

Every town or village has a soul


Every town or village has a soul. Ghizzano’s is unique, I think you could call it an artistic spirit.

Walking around the village which is north-west of Volterra near the boundary between the Provinces of Pisa and Florence, is a one of a kind sensory experience. The notes of a piano coming from the window, voices accompanying a ballad on the guitar and the magical work of artisans, which day after day, generation after generation brings life to the village with images, projects, smiles and actual works of art. As you climb the cobblestone stairs which lead to the historic centre you get to a little piazza where the architecture punctuates the green that you have been immersed in all the way to Ghizzano, accompanied by the pastels of the Church of Saints Germano and Prospero and the faded sandy red of an old palazzo on the other side of the piazzetta. If you continue you get to the Tenuta di Ghizzano which is a tumult of colours, sounds and fragrances.

An Open air Museum

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Terre di Pisa

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