Our history

The Venerosi Pesciolini family and the village of Ghizzano


The Venerosi Pesciolini Family are a very old family dating back to the Carolingian period. The first signs of the Venerosi in the historical record are from 803 A.D. It is believed that our family settled in Ghizzano towards the end of the 14th century.

The family’s country house is now a residential Villa and the heart of the company. The Villa has a beautiful, typical classic late renaissance style Italian garden.

Vines and Olives

The production of wine and oil has always been at the heart of our family’s activities and continues to be to this day. Indeed, the winery and oil mill are both right next to the tower built in 1370 AD by our Venerosi Pesciolini ancestors.

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Our father Pierfrancesco was a pioneer in developing the vineyards of Tenuta di Ghizzano, his innovative wines were an important contribution to a renewal in Italian winemaking.

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