Il Classico

Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil

Processing: The olives used in the production of our extra virgin olive oil “Classico” are harvested by hand, then washed, cleaned and subsequently processed within 3 hours of picking. The olives are crushed by a disc pressing machine and then the olive oil is extracted through a two-phase centrifuge. The olive mill is designed to reduce oxidation to a bare minimum and during all the processing steps the temperature is kept strictly under 20/22°C (68/71,5°F) to preserve the beneficial characteristics of the oil as much as possible.

Tasting Notes: Intense gold colour with green streaks. Penetrating nose with notes of almonds and cut grass Great intensity in the mouth with slightly sweet notes and a long finish.

Product characteristics: The Organic Tenuta di Ghizzano Extra virgin Olive Oil, due to the early picking of the olives and to a careful production process that aims to preserve the exceptional quality of the olives as much as possible, is an excellent product, with sweet flavours.

Nutrition facts: The Organic Tenuta di Ghizzano Extra virgin Olive Oil “Classico” contains substantial quantities of unsaturated fats that protect against cardiovascular diseases.

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