Nambrot Vertical Tasting

Saturday, May 4, 2024


The Vertical is a tasting in which different vintages of the same wine are tasted in sequence, to allow us to evaluate its evolution. We will proceed by going back in time, from the youngest to the oldest vintage of our Nambrot I.G.T. Costa Toscana, so that the palate, after having appreciated the captivating "palpitation" of the younger vintages, can better perceive the greater complexity of the historical vintages.

As you already know, Nambrot is the research wine of Tenuta di Ghizzano. It was born with the 1996 vintage from Merlot grapes and has evolved over the years as a blend together with Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, demonstrating the power, warmth and character that our territory can express.

Here are the award-winning vintages that we will taste together:

  • Nambrot I.G.T. Costa Toscana 2017
  • Nambrot I.G.T. Costa Toscana 2016
  • Nambrot I.G.T. Costa Toscana 2015
  • Nambrot I.G.T. Costa Toscana 2008
  • Nambrot I.G.T. Costa Toscana 2006

Only for members of our Wine Club who benefit from a reduced price of €120 per person instead of €160!

There are only twelve places available and reservations are accepted until April 29th, so hurry and contact us!

Hoping to share the history and perfumes of these fine bottles together.

See you soon,

Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini