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an earthenware (‘Cocciopesto’) amphora


In 2017 Tenuta di Ghizzano embarked on another innovation. We started using an earthenware (‘Cocciopesto’) amphora for the maturation of a pure sangiovese wine, in order to not ‘pollute’ the complexity, elegance and freshness of this sangiovese of the Pisan hills. The amphora permits the right development of the wine through a slow oxidation process in a container that does not alter the intrinsic qualities of the wine.

Earthenware is strong, lasts a long time, and has outstanding thermal inertia. It is a very ecological material, made of ground brick shards, fragments of stone, and sand held together by cement and water, and has been chosen by the Tenuta di Ghizzano estate for fermenting and aging its wines. It offers significant advantages throughout the winemaking process. Mimesi is finished in these amphorae because this process is in perfect alignment with the production philosophy of Tenuta di Ghizzano, “to respect and enhance the sangiovese grape reducing the influence of wood tannins to a minimum”.

Ginevra Pesciolini Venerosi introduced the earthenware fermentation vessels which ensure optimal micro-oxygenation, fully bringing out aromas and flavours during both the fermentation and refining, enriching and amplifying the fragrance of the wine. The traditional oval shape is also aesthetic, it transforms our fermenting and aging areas into fascinating spaces, which visitors have frequently commented on.

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