giovedì 24 agosto 2023


Demeter-certified top-quality organic wines, a wonderful park and the 312-strong village of Ghizzano as a total work of art...


"So you can after inspecting the palace of the Venerosi Pesciolini from the 17th/18th. Climb up to the tower platform of the palace of the Venerosi Pesciolini, the branch of the Venerosi family from the main municipality of Peccioli, 9 km away, to which the village of Ghizzano belongs, with period furniture and frescoes of the time. This is a special treat when accompanied by the lady of the house, Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini.
The view then sweeps far into the landscape up to the city wall and the towers of Volterra. Only 6 km away is the hamlet of Lajatico, where star tenor Andrea Bocelli attracts 10,000 visitors from all over the world to the open-air classical concert in the Teatro del Silenzio, the Theater of Silence, once a year. Above all, however, one of the oldest agricultural regions in Tuscany has survived all around, and the Venerosi noble family played a decisive role in its creation and continued existence - and still does."