“Via Di Mezzo” Organic Wine - Limited Edition

The art of David Tremlett meets the Ghizzano Estate

David Tremlett is a British-born (Saint Austell - U.K., 1945) naturalized Swiss artist, photographer and sculptor. His important career has lead him to exhibit in major international locations: from the Tate Britain in London to the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris; from the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam to the Grenoble Museum, calling at the Venice Biennial and the Pecci Museum in Prato, to finally arrive at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

During 2019 he became a protagonist in Tuscany, thanks to the Municipality of Peccioli which involved him in a wider project to enhance the territory, and created " Via di Mezzo ”, Mural paintings declined in various colors along the entire street of the small village of Ghizzano .
It was while he was staying in Tuscany that he came to know and love the wines and the philosophy of the Estate: Tremlett appreciated, in particular, the fact that these wines are created from grapes native to the region, following a biodynamic approach, in the name of naturalness. A fresco of tastes and visions that genuinely expresses the soul of the place that inspired this artist: this is how a work of art was born to the Estate of Ghizzano so inspired by the “Via di Mezzo” project from which the wine takes its name. The project is a conceptual composition inside of which can be mounted the labels of these two exquisite wines.

The “Via di Mezzo” project

In 2019 David Tremlett returned to Tuscany to develop the “Via di Mezzo” project: a work dedicated to colour, but one which also favours “the perception of the street as a single unit, one single street from its beginning to its end”.
Painting in acrylics on the facades of all the buildings in Via di Mezzo in Ghizzano, he used “green all down one side of the street (on the surfaces of the majority of the houses) even if it is not a typical colour for house walls, because I liked the idea of bringing some of the surrounding countryside into the street. On the other side of the street there are fewer houses to paint on because of the large portions of brick walls, so I decided to use brown as the predominant colour.
The mural is marked by short vertical and horizontal lines which give vigour to the composition thanks to their strong chromatic identities.

“We would like both of the wines, ” says Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini “that we have named after the street VIADIMEZZO, to help further promote our beautiful region and this little hamlet known as Ghizzano which is right in the heart of the real and authentic Tuscany. We want these wines to be wonderful souvenirs that the customer, the tourist, the curious and the art enthusiast take home with them after ambling through our vineyards and wandering along the Via di Mezzo street. You won’t find them in restaurants, but only in the houses of people who have been here and have thus subsequently become ambassadors for these places.”

Our wine (red)

This red wine is made solely from the Sangiovese, grapes native to our region. We refine this wine in Amphora, a method which does not alter the wine’s characteristics but, rather, allows it to evolve in an entirely natural way. After this stage the wine rests for another 18 months in a glass bottle and is then ready to express itself in all its authenticity: a red wine with warm tones, its taste enveloping with a solid structure.

Offerta "Via Di Mezzo"

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