Our History

It was Pierfrancesco Venerosi Pesciolini who really understood the potential of the Tenuta di Ghizzano which today is one of the most innovative Estates in the area. Pierfancesco felt passionately about his land and fully recognized it’s qualities and he made an important contribution to the renewal of Italian winemaking through his products.

In the 1980’s, this area was hit by crisis and agriculture, in particular wineries, suffered greatly. Whilst many of our neighboring farms pulled up their vines or were even forced to sell their land Pierfancesco Venerosi Pesciolini decided to go against the tide and courageously invested both in the vines and the winery with the aim of producing a better quality product. In difficult conditions, in a time when an overproduction of grapes tended to lead to a poor quality wine at ridiculously low prices, our father dared to try and produce a ‘serious’ wine, perhaps in small quantities, but able to stand up to the market.

With the help of a friend, Piermario Meletti Cavallari, the indigineous Sangiovese variety was researched and production of aCabernet Sauvignon and Merlot began. A new wine was born…


Il Veneroso, our first bottled wine, was produced for the first time in 1985, and was immediately awarded 2 ‘glasses’ by the Gambero Rosso wine guide!
It was named after Veneroso Venerosi who was the first to dedicate his passion to the land and wine-making. The intuition and courage that Pierfrancesco showed in his ambitions for the Estate have been fully repaid over time. In the 1970’s, the vineyards had just 2500 plants per hectare. Over the years, this has been gradually built up and we now have 20 hectares of which 85% have been replanted as follows: in 1989 with 4.500 plants per hectare, then from 1999 to 2003 with 6.600 plants and finally in 2006 with 5.000 plants. Today we produce about 70.000 bottles a year, unique wines, each with it’s own characterVeneroso, NambrotGhizzano Rosso and Ghizzano Bianco, as well as an excellent sweet dessert wine, San Germano, and a top quality extra virgin olive oil I.G.P.