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In full respect of our history and traditions, in 2003 we started our journey towards ‘natural’ organic farming, eliminating all use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. We feed the land with green-manure seeds and other seeds which help to fix nitrogen in the soil (for example oats).
Our whole Farm, has been officially certified ORGANIC by “SUOLO e SALUTE” since 2008, not just the vines but also the olive groves and cereal crops.
In 2006, we moved into biodynamic agriculture stimulating humus production with the field preparations 500 applied 3 or 4 times a year (in autumn and spring) and 501 (before and after flowering and whenever necessary).
Our whole Farm, has been officially certified BIODYNAMIC by “DEMETER” since 2018 (not just the vines but also the olive groves and cereal crops).

Special packages

Through the tasting of historical vintages of Veneroso and Nambrot, we propose you to retrace the evolution of our wines over time. Packaged in elegant wooden boxes

The Vertical of NAMBROT Discover the differences of the vintage!
Each wine in Ghizzano is the result of its own vintage: the season in fact greatly influences the organoleptic characteristics of the wine.
2015 is the result of a warm and enveloping vintage, 2016 is a wine of great power and rigor more to be kept than drunk immediately.
2017 is surprisingly fruity for being the result of a drought vintage.
The Vertical of NAMBROT
The Vertical of VENEROSO
Discover the Veneroso, our oldest vineyards express themselves in all their elegance.
A wooden box depicting the lithography of the Venerosi Pesciolini villa with 6 bottles of Veneroso from three different vintages inside. We'll give you a dicounted shipment but availability is limited so hurry up!
"The Vertical of VENEROSO
LIMITED EDITION : all bottles are numbered by hand.
"Via Di Mezzo" offer
"MIMESI" offer
MIMESI, the desire to imitate nature (find out more about the project).

Nature with its perfection, its balance. In order to fully encompass an entity and imitate it, one must first achieve an equally thorough understanding of it.

Offerta "MIMESI"
With our "FOOD" there is more taste!
Buy our stoned oil and combine it with Pennette of Cappelli wheat pasta, Caserecce of Cappelli wheat pasta and you will receive an extra food pack of organic Chickpeas and organic Hulled Spelt!
 With our "FOOD" there is more taste!

Tenuta di Ghizzano wines

Veneroso d.o.c. terre di Pisa This is the historical and most representative wine of the estate.
Nambrot i.g.t. costa Toscana This wine is the result of Tenuta di Ghizzano researches.
il Ghizzano (the, Red) i.g.t. costa Toscana This is the wine that “introduces” the estate into wine bars, wine stores and restaurants all over the world.
il Ghizzano
il Ghizzano Bianco (the, white) i.g.t. costa Toscana Made from traditional Tuscan white grapes: Trebbiano, Vermentino and Malvasia Bianca.
il Ghizzano Bianco
San Germano i.g.t. Passito costa Toscana It is an excellent accompaniment to dry pastry and medium seasoned cheese.
San Germano
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Toscano Our oil is made using organic farming techniques.
Olio Extravergine

land2hand Ghizzano

"from our LAND direct in your HANDS", the products line Tenuta di Ghizzano.

Our FOOD products completely organic and biodynamic
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