I really like the cigarette after a glass of wine

"We have been cultivating the Ghizzano estate in a biodynamic way since 2007.
That's why biodynamics is one of my favorite topics, its meaning and value, how it directly affects the quality of wine.
Biodynamics is a philosophy of life in which all efforts and activities aim to observe the forces of nature, their effects on the ecosystem, the product itself.
After 13 years of biodynamic cultivation of our vineyards, the result can be seen in the glass: the wines are clearer, more lively and more pleasant to drink ... "

2020, 12 - 01 by Wolfram Meister
Published on Schweizerische Weinzeitung


BIBENDA 2021, complete with 29,000 wines from over 2,300 companies, large oils, grappas and 2,000 restaurants, announces 5 BUNCHES 2021 for Nambrot 2017 i.g.t. Costa Toscana - Tenuta di Ghizzano

2020, 11 - 05
Published on Bibenda 2021


In Italy, wines are named after their place of origin and should therefore be made from regional grapes. Fortunately, there are winemakers who think outside the box.
Our sommelier Rienne Bilz knows the best bottles for every occasion

2020, 11 - 02 by Rienne Bilz
Published on SALON Magazine DE

A pure Sangiovese aged entirely in amphora

This is the new challenge of the Venerosi Pesciolini family business in Pisa. They have been cultivating the vineyard in Peccioli for 700 years ...

2020, 11 - 01 by Loredana Ficicchia
Published on Ville & Casali

TOP HUNDRED 2021 - il Ghizzano Bianco 2019

The new 2021 edition of the ilGolosario guide by Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti is pleased to announce the inclusion of "Il Ghizzano Bianco" Costa Toscana 2019 among the "TOP HUNDRED 2020" selections of the 100 best wines in Italy.
The awards were held online on the 3D platform

2020, 11 - 01
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Discovering DOC Terre di Pisa.
Amazing heritage and biodynamic winemaking at Tenuta di Ghizzano

2020, 10 - 24
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Vinum Top of Toskana 2021

Two wines from Tenuta di Ghizzano win an award among the best blends Merlot of Tuscany:

  • Nambrot 2017 Costa Toscana - 17.5 / 20
  • Veneroso 2016 Terre di Pisa - 18/20

2020, 10 - 23
Published on Vinum Magazine

Costa Toscana IGT Wine

The official Costa Toscana viticultural area covers land in each of Tuscany's the five coastal provinces: Massa Carrara, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto. Unsurprisingly, a Maritime climate contributes mild winters and warm, dry summers thanks to the proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea. A varied topography throughout the region creates a wide range of soil types with vineyards found predominately on terra rossa, a reddish clayey to silty soil type, typical of the Mediterranean region.

2020, 10 - 21 by

Wines of the week: Tenuta di Ghizzano, Veneroso 2015/16 Terre di Pisa

Over the summer I was sent the latest releases from Tenuta di Ghizzano, a family estate based round a hilltop village near Pisa, which has the most beautiful late-Renaissance-inspired garden, and four farmhouses for rent. Their top wine is called Nambrot, ‘after the founder of the Venerosi family, whose name was Nambrot and who lived in 830’. Pretty impressive lineage! It’s a bordeaux blend based on Merlot ...

2020, 10 - 02 by Jancis Robinson
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We met Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini, co-owner of the Ghizzano Estate, in a meeting on the Zoom platform organized by the communication agency Thurner PR where we tasted Ghizzano 2018 and Ghizzano Bianco 2019 ...

2020, 09 - 27 by Fabiano Guatteri
Published on

5 (good) organic wines to buy on Amazon

Often behind the "organic" label there are strange surprises, or at least they were hidden. Until a few years ago producing organically was, unfortunately, also a marketing operation. This is not the case today. Sensitivity to sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation is a highly shared (and deserving) culture. Organic does not mean "extreme", it means "normality", and common sense...

2020, 09 - 25 by Bruno Petronilli
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Weekend in the cellar: wine tastings and more. Here's how (and where) to enjoy the harvest

On the Pisan hills, Tenuta di Ghizzano is a historic company that has embraced the biodynamic philosophy. Various tour itineraries are available, including a typical lunch in the historic cellar accompanied by the wines. The Italian-style garden is beautiful, with dozens of tree species (and about a hundred land turtles living free), which in the summer hosts events dedicated to art, music and food and wine. Around the estate, four farmhouses with swimming pools are available to guests

2020, 09 - 23 by Fabio Sironi
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Decanter World Wine Awards 2020

Three wines from the Tenuta di Ghizzano win the Silver medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020 competition:

  • Nambrot 2017 Costa Toscana - 91/100
  • Veneroso 2016 Terre di Pisa - 90/100
  • Veneroso 2015 Terre di Pisa - 90/100

2020, 09 - 22
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SLOW WINE: Nambrot 2107 i.g.t. costa Toscana

wine that from an organoleptic point of view has achieved excellence during tastings

2020, 09 - 20
Published on Slow Wine Guide 2021

Falstaff: much better than expected

The year 2017 was marked by capricious weather conditions, months of heat and drought to create the vines on the coast of Tuscany. This is also reflected in the 2017 vintage down - this brings concentrated wines with very ripe fruity notes and some with a good grip Tannin. But not all wines turn down, there are also some top ...

2020, 09 - 19 by Othmar Kiem
Published on Falstaff Magazine

Gran Selezione etc – mainly 2016s

... another Sangiovese-based wine that is made in a much warmer part of Tuscany, nearer the coast in the environs of Pisa, and is much cheaper. Tenuta di Ghizzano makes several red wines, of which their Merlot-based Nambrot is the most expensive, but, for my money, the Veneroso 2016 based on Sangiovese is much more distinctive and distinguished than the current release Nambrot 2017.

2020, 09 - 16 by Jancis Robinson
Published on

Tenuta di Ghizzano - Slow Wine 2021

Virtual tour for the Slow Wine 2021 guide at the Tenuta di Ghizzano winery. Interview by Francesco Villa.

2020, 09 - 14 by Francesco Villa
Published on

EFFE - Small is beautiful: a journey through the Italian villages

Why visit Ghizzano di Peccioli?
«It has only 350 inhabitants and is the kingdom of small artisans that have now disappeared, intact in its identity, the one desired by the Venerosi Pesciolini family. And then, with the Via di Mezzo, has become the capital of contemporary art, a museum among the streets with works by artists such as Alicja Kwade, David Tremlett and Patrick Tuttofuoco. There are literary, theatrical, musical, food and wine events, sportsmen. The medieval churches of San Verano and of the Madonna del Carmine. Come to our estate for a walk in the Italian garden - The country house today is a residential villa, a farmhouse and our company headquarters. We have 110 hectares of wood, 20 of vineyards and 15 of olive groves. We produce wine, oil and cereals».

2020, 08 - 20 by Benedetta Sangirardi
Published on EFFE - Magazine

Tenuta di Ghizzano, Geneva Venerosi Pesciolini: “I present to you my wines from the reboot”

There are no magic formulas, this is definitely a time to devote to great reflections, there is something to rethink. We have to be positive, at first I panicked a little, having chosen not to be present in large-scale distribution and in the online sales channel. The closure of the restaurants, our reference market, the impossibility of carrying out events and tastings, which are our promotional activities, had demoralized me, then I thought about the land and the inability to stop producing, we must continue to do it but in a more conscious way.

2020, 08 - 17 by Manuela Zennaro
Published on

The Guides to flavors and pleasures: The Tuscan sea

With the care of biodiversity in the vineyard, biodynamic practice and interventions in the cellar always more targeted, the physiognomy of its wines becomes over the years slim and toned but juicy at the same time. The experiments of the new Cocciopesto Drunk Turtle wine vessels have led to an ambitious Sangiovese which will be released in 2021.
Winemaker: Michele Franci
Agronomist: Roberto Righi
We report: Costa Toscana lg Nambrot 2016

2020, 07 - 14
Published on "Le Guide ai sapori e ai piaceri" di La Repubblica

Ghizzano, a white for a day of storm

Opening two bottles of white, among other things daughters of organic and biodynamic farming, after having taken a good wash, and - a quick change of clothes - stopping on the balcony to enjoy the spectacle of lightning and thunder, becomes a truly summer pleasure. Natural, sincere, for those who know how to appreciate the harmony of nature. Even during a storm.

2020, 07 - 03 by Emanuele Bompan
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Tenuta di Ghizzano, a biodynamic story in the lands of Pisa

Meeting the wines of Tenuta di Ghizzano is always a tumult of particular emotions. Difficult to taste them without being enchanted by the beauty of this property of the Venerosi Pesciolini family since 1370, with a garden of "green harmony" of a dazzling sweetness and a spell made of historic rooms of the dwelling and a cellar with a climate and special aromas layered over the centuries ...

2020, 06 - 29 by Andrea Gori
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they talk about us ...

Classic case where Italian wine goes well with food - Italian food helping of course. Mushroom risotto with ceps and truffle oil, sweet white Italian onions and pepper, pan fried salmon and a great celebratory red from Pisa IGP. Cooking has been a mainstay during lockdown.

2020, 06 - 26 by Peter Dean
Published on

Tenuta di Ghizzano, when "bio" rhymes with class!

From the cellar of the Venerosi Pesciolini family, two "cadets" wines from organic and biodynamic agriculture that at the "bottle test" reveal a surprising fabric ...

2020, 06 - 21 by Marco Gatti
Published on

TUSCANY - Tenuta Di Ghizzano: Nature and passion for wine

Generations that know how to treasure their fathers and who, although faithful to tradition, free themselves by implementing their work. This is the story of Tenuta di Ghizzano owned by the Venerosi Pesciolini family since 1370 ...

2020, 06 - 13 by Claudia Rumi
Published on

they talk about us ...

Ginevra Venerosi Pesiolini presents the @tenuta_di_ghizzano.
A nice journey on what happened in the province of Pisa from an oenological point of view.
IGTV video interview with Leonardo Romanelli

2020, 06 - 10 by Leonardo Romanelli
Published on IGTV

Wine special: Second wines are trendy

Large top wines generally have two serious disadvantages: they are rare and they are expensive! Many wineries recognized this early on and therefore like to produce a so-called "second wine", a cheaper "little brother" of their top wine.

2020, 06 - 08
Published on

Veneroso and his brothers.
The new seasons of the Tenuta di Ghizzano

... it was one of the first cellars that I knew and that I frequented ... perhaps because geographically close to my places, or perhaps because they talked about it and the voice began to circulate. The fact that it was led by a woman (Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini) damned its charm ...

2020, 06 - 04
Published on

they talk about us ...

To recover frankness, and with frankness an enormous spontaneity. Here, this is what the Ghizzos do, white and red, who have gone from the "bottom" to update the production of Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini, once exclusively fed by primattori wines such as Veneroso and Nambrot.

2020, 05 - 27 by Fernando Pardini
Published on

Harmony with Nature - Tenuta di Ghizzano

"When the fruits of the earth come from a place in harmony with nature, there is already the potential for true excellence." It's hard to dispute the assumption of this statement on the labels of the Tenuta di Ghizzano wines. To further this creed, the estate is farmed using biodynamic principles and its farming is certified organic.

2020, 04 - 19 by Christy Canterbury
Published on

Vinous 2020

New Awards in 2020

  • Veneroso 2015 (93/100 pts.)
  • Nambrot 2016 (92+/100 pts.)
  • il Ghizzano 2017 (88/100 pts.)
  • il Ghizzano Bianco 2018 (90/100 pts.)

2020, 03 - 27
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The pandemic that unexpectedly shocked the world in the year 2020 has determined, as you well know, the need to postpone all the major national and international wine events to the year 2021.
Until the end, we hoped to be able to carry out Preview Wines but, in light of recent data and decrees, we had to make the painful decision to postpone the event until next year. Therefore we will see you at
ANTEPRIMA 2021 - 8 e 9 maggio - Real Collegio, Lucca

2020, 03 - 23


Veronafiere puts an end to the game that has taken place in recent weeks, between those in favor and against against Vinitaly in June. The wine fair will take place directly in 2021: from 18-21 April.

2020, 03 - 21


The next edition of Summa will be held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021.

ProWein canceled, appointment directly to 2021
For the great wine event scheduled in Germany, no postponement to the following months, but an appointment directly on March 21, until Tuesday March 23, 2021.

VINITALY 2020 moved to 14-17 June 2020
VINITALY stops temporarily, the most important wine fair in the world, postponed to 14/17 June 2020.

2020, 03 - 20

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