“MIMESI” project, Biodynamic wine in Cocciopesto - Limited Edition

Sangiovese D.O.C Terre di Pisa (red) - Vermentino I.G.T Costa Toscana (white)

The Mimesi project was born in Tenuta di Ghizzano, on the gentle hills of the Terre di Pisa, after a long period of research and experimentation and aims to give life to increasingly identity wines capable of faithfully translating nature, its perfection and its balance. Mimesi wants to show, starting from native grapes from long-lived vineyards, an authentic expression without superstructures, but with the finesse and elegance typical of great wines. Hence the choice of using the Drunk Turtle cocciopesto amphorae for the Sangiovese and the Tava terracotta amphorae for the Vermentino for aging, which guarantee the micro-oxygenation necessary to mature the wine by amplifying the aromas and bringing a real portrait of the territory.

MIMESI, the desire to imitate nature

The name Mimesi was selected since “mimesis” in classical literature and art indicates a desire to imitate nature, its perfection, its balance. And in order to fully encompass an entity and imitate it, one must first achieve an equally thorough understanding of it.

“And at Tenuta di Ghizzano, in order to gain that in-depth familiarity with the Sangiovese grown in our local terroir,” says producer Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini, “we have been working with it for a full 30 years.”

MIMESI Sangiovese d.o.c. Terre di Pisa (red)

2018 harvest: The season was a lovely one, well-balanced and with a slower ripening process than the preceding 2017, which contributed to the complexity in the fruit. Spring, and even June, were marked by frequent rains, which stimulated vine development and helped the soils re-balance after the long dry spells of the preceding season. Harvest began on 3 September and lasted into early October, with no significant rainfall. The level of phenolic ripeness was such that we were able to work according to plan and with no rush. The fermentations were normal, with no unexpected stops, despite our practice of not using cultured yeasts. The malolactic fermentations, too, all followed their natural course. The results were beautifully-balanced wines with good depth, across all our versions of Sangiovese; if the wines exhibited a tad less muscle than those of 2017, their appealing acidities presage impressive longevity.

MIMESI Vermentino i.g.t. Costa Toscana (white)

Rain in June assisted overall vine development, while a lack of rain through July and mid-August proved positive for a consistent veraison. Finally, a heavy rain on 17 August pushed phenolic ripeness to just the desired levels. The 2020 wines are full-volumed, elegant, and well-balanced. Overall quality was excellent, and crop levels were off by -20%.
We were thus able to have a complete and satisfactory phenolic maturation with 4 months in Terracotta TAVA amphora on the fine lees for our pure vermentino.

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