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The "Tenuta di Ghizzano" (Ghizzano Estate) is one of the oldest farms in the area and also one of the most innovative.

Completely ORGANIC and BIODYNAMIC, today it is composed of about 280 hectares, 18 of which dedicated to vines, 15 to olives, 100 to cereals and the remaining 150 to woods and poplar groves. (View full map - PDF)

Ghizzano is a small hilltop village, situated at about 200m above sea level in an area referred to as “TERRE DI PISA” (PISA LANDS) not far from the Tuscan coast, 40 km from Livorno and 40 km to south of Pisa.

The landscape is gentle and the climate is mild, thanks to the sea breeze, and without extreme temperatures or great risk of springtime frosts.

This soil is one of the most representative of the varied and complex pedological landscape of the Terre of Pisa: it is formed by marine sediments of the geological age called "Astiana" represented by more or less calcareous clay sands, where it is easy find shells fossils.


Our production philosophy

Our aim is offer to the market a high quality Products which do reflect the style, the elegance and rich fragrances of the rolling hills surrounding us, with respect for each expression the Wine, the Oil and Fruits can give to this land.

In full respect of our history and traditions, in 2003 we started our journey towards ‘natural’ organic farming, eliminating all use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. We feed the land with green-manure seeds and other seeds which help to fix nitrogen in the soil (for example oats).

Our whole Farm, has been officially certified ORGANIC by “SUOLO e SALUTE” since 2008, not just the vines but also the olive groves and cereal crops.

In 2006, we moved into biodynamic agriculture stimulating humus production with the field preparations 500 applied 3 or 4 times a year (in autumn and spring) and 501 (before and after flowering and whenever necessary).

Our whole Farm, has been officially certified BIODYNAMIC by “DEMETER” since 2018.

Together with our collaborators , Michele Franci and Dr. Roberto Righi, we have been on courses on Biodynamic Farming, becoming members of the Biodynamic Farming association “AGRICOLTURA BIODINAMICA”.


Our Wines, our Oil and FOOD products

When the fruits of the earth come from a place “in harmony with nature”,
excelence” is already inside them.
Respect for nature, the place that hosts us and the people who work and live here.
That's how our products blossom...



This is the historical and most representative wine of the estate.
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This wine is the result of Ghizzano Estate researches.
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il Ghizzano (the)

il Ghizzano (the)

“introduces” the estate into wine bars, wine stores and restaurants all over the world.
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il Ghizzano Bianco (the, white)

il Ghizzano Bianco (the, white)

a fresh and fruity wine, easy drinking, perferctly matching with summer dishes.
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San Germano

San Germano

It is an excellent accompaniment to dry pastry and medium seasoned cheese.
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Olio Extravergine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

made of Frantoio, Razzo, Moraiolo and Leccino olives.
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"Via Di Mezzo" organic wine

“Via di Mezzo” (red)

made solely from the Sangiovese, grapes native to our region.
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“Via Di Mezzo” Organic Wine - Limited Edition

The art of David Tremlett meets the Ghizzano Estate: this is how a work of art was born to the Estate of Ghizzano so inspired by the “Via di Mezzo” project from which the wine takes its name. The project is a conceptual composition inside of which can be mounted the labels of these two exquisite wines.

discover the "Via di Mezzo" project

“MIMESI” Biodynamic wine in Cocciopesto - Limited Edition

Tenuta di Ghizzano, following a period of research and experimentation, adopted Drunk Turtle cocciopesto egg fermenters and Tava terracotta amphorae to launch a new project, Mimesi, a portfolio with, at the moment, a first all-Sangiovese, TERRE DI PISA ROSSO DOC, and our all-Vermentino IGT COSTA TOSCANA.
These two types of amphorae are, in fact, perfectly coherent with our winemaking philosophy, which underscores respecting and heightening the character and purity of the fruit and fully expressing the terroir that produces it.

discover the “MIMESI” project
“MIMESI” Biodynamic wine


Red made exclusively with Sangiovese and Bianco Vermentino in purity, using local grapes.
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Our FOOD products


Our “Italian PASTA”

organic, with our semolina of durum wheat Cappelli or Emmer flour (Triticum Dicoccum)
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Our Chickpeas

Sowed in March, harvested in late July
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Our hulled Farro

Sowed in November, harvested in July
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The Venerosi Pesciolini family and the Burg of Ghizzano

The origins of the Venerosi Pesciolini Family are very old, their first ancestor dates back to the Carolingian period. The first documented news of Venerosi are from 803 a.C. It is believed that our family settled in Ghizzano towards the end of the 14th century.
The ancient country house, today is a residential villa and the headquarter of our company. The Garden of the Villa is a typical Italian Garden, in a style of classic late Renaissance inspiration.

If you want live a very special and emotional day, come to spend some hours at our Farm, book your visit with a tasting experience, we are glad to welcome you!


"La Verde Armonia"

The Garden of Acquaintance

The Venerosi Pesciolini garden is in itself a theatre of memories.

In the summer, the garden comes to life playing host to the festival ‘La Verde Armonia’, or ‘Green Harmony’. The festival organizes evenings which bring together art, food and wine. The garden is a typical Italian formal garden with enchanting geometric characteristics and perfect symmetry. It lies at the foot of the main villa, facing south and on a slight slope and reflects the beauty of the late renaissance style.


Agritourism "Tenuta di Ghizzano"

In 2001 we started hospitatlity through our Agriturisimo. We have lovingly restored and furnished some of the farm houses on the Estate in full respect of their history and they now offer wonderful, quality accommodation –welcoming yet elegant.

Four farm houses surrounded by green hills of Pisa along the wine road, near the burg of Ghizzano, once coveted castle to its strategic position: the hills and near the Francigena Way.


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