Ghizzano Tasting Experience: Sharing Our Values

Our goal has always been melding together viticulture and farming with the surrounding environment in the most natural way possible, coming to embrace, in more recent times, biodynamic farming.

Now like then vine and olive growing are at the hearth of its activities. Tenuta di Ghizzano now encompasses about 350 hectares (860 acres) of which about 20 hectares (50 acres) of vineyards, 20 hectares (50 acres) of olive groves, 120 hectares (375 acres) of farming land, yielding mainly wheat and cereals, and about 150 hectares (400 acres) of woodland and poplar groves.

In this way we manage to produce very high quality wines and extravirgin olive oil, in a way that is respectful of the character and personality that this terroir gives them, keeping the elegance and the richness of the fragrance of these hills intact.
Sharing this philosophy and our heritage with you is our mission and the opportunity to taste our products is a chance to explore with all the 5 senses the uniqueness of our land in a place where the love for traditions merges with the respect for the environment and the utmost care for quality.
For this reason, we would love to guide you in a journey into our land and our history, and we are offering you some tasting proposals. Come to Ghizzano and savor this side of Tuscany.

 Glad to welcome you!

Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini
Francesca Venerosi Pesciolini


Our tasting journeys,
Your experiences and emotions.

BLUE experience

Property Tour, Wine Tasting Experience in The Historical Cellar.

The time of visit is around 1 hour and ½

Price per person € 30,00

PURPLE experience

Property Tour, Wine & Food Tasting Experiece in The Historical Cellar.

The time of visit is around 2 hours and ½

Price per person € 45,00 (the minimum is a 4 people group)

GREEN experience

Sound Garden Experience & Wine Tasting Experience.

The time of visit is around 1 hour and ½

Price per person € 30,00

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